Update your accreditation with the industry standard, within South Australia, course for notification of child abuse and neglect consistent with the Children's Protection Act 1993.
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This course provides an update for those whose current CSE Certificate has been completed within the last three years. If your certificate is dated out of this period please apply for the Child Safe Environment full day course.

Child Safe Environments Update

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About this course

Delivered by Families SA accredited Trainers, this course meets the training requirements, and is the industry standard, within South Australia, for notification of child abuse and neglect consistent with the Children’s Protection Act 1993. It relates to all people working with children and young people (paid or unpaid). All courses are delivered by registered Families SA accredited trainers who have a wealth of experience working with children and young people. Our Trainers come from diverse careers in education, community services, disability services, pastoral care and child care.

Anyone working with or providing services for children in SA is a mandated notifier. This course provides information pertaining to Section 11 of the Children’s Protection Act 1993 and the associated obligations as a mandated notifier.

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Fee for Service

This course cost is fully inclusive of everything you need to complete the course.

Additional incidental fees may include $85.00 rebooking/non-attendance fee.

This half-day course will provide you with the required update to your accreditation.

The content covered in the 4 hour session will provide the requisite knowledge to update your accreditation.

This course is generally delivered at our City Campus, 31 Franklin St, Adelaide.

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