Refunds will not be granted automatically; students are expected to be aware of work and personal commitments prior to enrollment and will need to establish that the cause of withdrawal could not have been reasonably anticipated prior to commencement.

A course refund to students (less student deposit) will be given for cancellations made a minimum of seven (7) days past the deposit being paid. Applications for refund must be made in writing or via email and received by Enable College within the seven (7) day period. Once the application is approved, Enable College will refund any monies as follows:

For Fee for Service students – A course refund means any monies paid, less student deposit which is a non-refundable administration fee. If, after this period, a student wishes to cancel their enrolment, all monies paid to date will be forfeited. Enable College has the right to withdraw a participant if finances are not kept up to date.

However, if a student withdraws for exceptional personal reasons beyond their control; after the course has commenced but within 3 weeks of commencement a pro rata refund of 50% less student course deposit will apply.
• For example sickness (verified by a medical certificate)
Commencement of training will include any of the following:
• Attending first classroom session (Classroom students)
• Receipt of first booklet (Open Learners / Classroom students)
• Initial login into our online training system (Blended learning students)
Students who have agreed to the terms and conditions for Debit Success will have additional conditions and fees applied to their final decision as per the individual debit success student agreement terms and conditions.