Featured News: April 27, 2017

If I am completing both Aged Care and Disability certificate III, how many work placements do I need?

2 work placements One work placement for minimum 120 hours Second work placement approximately 60- 80 hours This allows for the best skill development and experience in both an aged care residential environment and disability services environment Read more

Featured News: April 27, 2017

What assessments will I need to complete whilst on my Individual Support work placement?

Work Placement observation checklist Completed by your work placement supervisor Work placement project assessment complete a daily log of the hours you have completed daily reflections on your experience during placement project assessment questions Read more

Featured News: April 27, 2017

Where will I attend work placement?

Aged care – Residential Aged Care Facilities Disability – Group homes in the community – Day Options – Supported Residential Facilities (SRFs) Read more